Ylium studio

Ylium studio is a small collective of two dudes with too much time on their hands and too many ideas on their minds. We’re not quite a company as of now.



Director of the project Wheelless, main developper, game designer, game artist, community manager and all that stuffs. He started Wheelless alone for months before being joined by Yuubae.


Yuubae joined around november 2015 and, at first, helped from time to time on spaceship designs (he made almost all of them), circuits designs and as an advisor in Game Design. We recently expanded the scope of the game, adding a campain, and he is now the scenarist for Wheelless. Although he can’t work full time on the project, he’s doing what he can for delivering the best scenario you could imagine.




We had Hilliean for a short amount of time as a Character Designer, but for diverse reasons he can’t work with us anymore. We still wish him the best!