Update – 02 January 2017

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Happy New Year!


Guess what? Sick again. I can’t get out more than 10min without catching a cold. In other news: I started doing some Level Design (finally) and although my 3D skills are pretty low the result is not that bad and I’m skilling up pretty fast.

I hope to finish all terrain modeling in the coming weeks, then some gameplay and physics coding, redoing (again) the ingame Interface and we’ll be ready to reveal the big changes we’re making to the game!


See you next week!


Update – 21 November 2016

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This week I was focused on testing some audio and sound effects. Not my cup of tea, so I blindly teaked some stuffs to sounds alright.

It was more for testing the feeling of the game, as a pro sound designer should joins us in the future and fix all audio issues (and merely create everything we need to make something dynamic and enjoyable).

Here’s a short video of a tour of the debug circuit with sounds (music was randomly taken from youtube) :

Also, I’ve added some rubberbanding in the speed of the racers. Everyone should now be closer from each others!

Next week won’t see much progress as I have some business to do, also it’s Yuubae’s birthday in the end of the week.


Cheers, see you next time!

Devblog #8 – 3D Spaceships!

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I take the opportunity of that new 3D spaceship model to make a quick devblog about the changes it cames with.

Let me introduce you to 3DEFAULT, our new test spaceship completely handmade by myself.

For those who just came onboard, Wheelless was in full 2D last year, and it was around June I found out about ProBuilder, making it easy for anyone to model something in 3D directly in Unity. Previous spaceships were in 2D, as pictured:

Wheelless - normals

So, after some testing, learning and die & retry, here it is, the first spaceship in full 3D!

As you can see in the video, I’ve modeled the Hull and the Armor separately so I can BURN IT when damaged.

After some considerations, the chassis might not be included in the final game as it wasn’t worth the time building it VS the time you’ll watch it in action.

Catching up with already included features from the 2D versions, I’ve made some animations for the exhausts vents for when you use an {active} equipment:


On the new stuffs side, I added two sets of active lights along with ‘burning’ animation for the thrusters:

Rear lights is enabled when you hit the Brakes button/key. The burn animation from the thrusters activates when you are moving.


When entering a dark area, you’ll need some lights for revealing the path in front of you: Headlights!

Headlights will automatically be enabled when entering a low luminosity area, or at night.


Obviously, all these features won’t be the same for each spaceship manufacturers. For example, alien style spaceships would have some bioluminescent organic lights, robots would have neons and humans some LED-like lights. Same with the read lights.


I’ve also updated the shields to a 3D model:


Gameplay wise, the Shield is exactly the same as described in the previous devblog, it is more of a graphical update than anything.


Finally, customised decals are easier than ever with the new materials settings I used for this version (vs the horrible multiple sprite layers nightmare from the 2D system), so color swap is a one-line code change!


This is the first step toward new spaceships for the game. As you well know, the first one always takes the most time and effort, but as my 3D skills improves and more and more ship parts are created, more and more spaceship will come online.

We’re still concepting and revamping all the spaceships designs with the new 3D modeling in mind with Yuubae. Until we have locked up all designs, I still have to finish the main menu and have to start one final circuit to play seriously on, along with the last part of the Health System 2.0, aka damages states.


We’re nearer the Alpha 2.0 each week, so bear with me!


Also, special shoutout to the /r/NintendoSwitch subreddit for the nice feedback and comments about this project. I wouldn’t have dreamed for so much positiveness from randoms on the internet and that really warmed my heart!


So thank you all for reading my posts and following this project. Don’t forget you can join our discord channel and follow us on twitter!


See you next week!

Update – 24 October 2016

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This week I’ve been working on the Main Menu’s scenery and navigation. It is still WIP, some screens haven’t been made in concept yet (SHOP, EXTRAS), and I’m waiting for more designs for the campain from Yuubae so I can make the campain screen.

Note that the space station showed in this video is only a placeholder.


In the meantime, I’ve started working on a test spaceship in 3D with all of its final features, including the damage states from the Health System 2.0.

No it’s not a boat it’s a space-ship :^) *badum tss*


Next week I may do a design post showing off this first and new 3D working spaceship, so stay tuned!


Thanks for reading~

Update – 17 October 2016

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This week I’ve been mostly busy cleaning up my old PC, storing old datas, arranging files and ultimately, building up a new rig!

New rig <3

Now with this new i7 3.40Ghz and 16Gb of RAM, baking in Unity is waaayy faster! Also I get 30 FPS on Star Citizen which is nice :]

New Main Menu ?

Since I made the Desert demo scene I wanted to try something similar, so I made this:

And I thought it would suit really well the Main Menu. You can expect more of those in the futur~


Next week I’ll try to build a basic menu for testing and start to optimise some gameplay loop, such as the pre-race animations (“3, 2, 1, GO!” stuff). Also, spaceship will get a design pass and we’ll hopefully have all the concepts ready for 3D building soon™


Thank you for reading each week, see you in 7 days c:

Devblog #7 – HUD & Health System 2.0

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Hi! What? A design post? Are you sick? It was merely two months since the last one!



Yep, game is building itself slowly but surely. I don’t know if you say that in english but in french it’s something we say. Anyway, let’s recap some of the progress I’ve blogged about if you skipped some posts:


Lots of things happened (I mean, outside of the game), so it seems the development stagnates, but there are some behind the scene work we’ve done we can’t show you (well if you don’t want to be spoiled, or if you like game design stuffs… anyway, nothing consistant to show). Beside that, I took some time to design and build the new HUD in the same time as Health System 2.0 (since the two are connected).

Lots of new content, redesigned bars, animations and features~

Work on the campain has also started. Some systems involving dialogues and actual campain paths (since our campain has roughly 6 scenarios) are being built. We locked up one scenario and all the circuits ideas.

Oh yeah... I forgot I made this as a test dialogue...
Oh yeah… I forgot I made this as a test dialogue…


Also, I tried some 3D building. Not the best but I’ll improve over time and I’m sure the next one will be much better!




So what’s new on the HUD, and the Health System 2.0?


If you’re not fond of reading text, you can watch a video I made specifically for this design post.


If you like reading, here we go:


But first, let me take a selfie let me show you the previous HUD we had in the alpha 1.0.1 release:

HUD in Alpha 1.0.1

Beside some graphical improvements and changes, such as the fuel bar disposition, health shape, numbers positions (times and your ship position in the race) and speed indicator, I made some new features (and updated the old one, like the close competitor arrows you can see in the middle).

New and shiny (and in editor)
New and shiny (and in editor)

Lap system

Numbers are overrated (saying this while there are numbers on my system hehe), laps are now counted as FLAGS.

Self explainatory; current lap in glowing white and completed laps turns blue~



I made some improvements on the close competitor arrows that shows you who is closest to your spaceship. Like before, red is closest, green is “middle range”, then when it’s too far it fades out. Now you can customise how much arrows you want, if 3 is not enough. Or 12.

A new addition is the leader position indicator:

3 small arrows will follow the First, Second and Third competitor (or yourself) giving you a much clearer idea of who is leading the race.

Wheelless - leaders


This one is tied to the Health System 2.0 and the circuit. This is a simple message appearing on screen alerting when a terrain hazard is occuring. Like acid rain or radioactive storm or when your wife tells you to go get some milk or stuff.

Wheelless - Emergency system


The gauge shows up when you equip an {active} equipment. There is an icon inside the circle when you forgot what you equipped.

The gauge fills up when you push the key/button, glow white when your equipment is ready to be used, then it will slowly deplete, showing you the cooldown. There is also a clock animation in the circle.

Here: GONG equipment
Here: GONG equipment

Now onto HEALTH SYSTEM 2.0

Damage calculations has been refactored. There is now 3 types of damages:

  • Physical
  • Elemental or Constant
  • Situationnal

Thoses damages are applied to the first layer of protection your ship has, in this order: Shield > Armor > Hull.

Physical Damages

When you hit a competitor, the terrain (such as barriers and walls) and props (rocks, asteroids…), physical damages are applied to your spaceship. They can have some severe knockback, depending on your ship weight.

Elemental / Constant

Thoses damages are applied to you in some specifics areas only. When you cross a lava stream, or drive inside a storm, your ship will takes damage over time, unless you have a shield equipped.

The emergency system will tell you when such damages are coming to you.

HAIL STORM lowers your top speed
HAIL STORM lowers your top speed

The situationnal damages doesn’t necessarly mean health damage. It can also be stats damages. They are generaly applied once to you and you suffers from the effect for a short amount of time. It can be like slipping on a banana, you’ll lose control for a second, or being hit by a hack wave that inverse your controls for a while.

Wheeless - banana :^)

Now that you know more about damages, let’s see what can prevents them:


We’ve changed the shield formula. It has now up to 5 HP (depending on your equipment level), meaning that you can take up to 5 physical hit without being damaged, but then you’ll lose it, and the recharge time is relatively long.

The shield protects you from elemental damages
The shield protects you from elemental damages

Shield will prevent you to take any elemental/constant damage, but careful, for some weather or zones has a lot of debris and projectiles that can deactivate your shield!


The armor works just about as before. It will take damage instead of the hull until it breaks.

It is more resistant to physical damages than the hull, but is very vulnerable to elemental damages. Also, you can’t repair your armor during the race! So prepare your loadout before jumping in the void!


Hull takes 1:1 damages to either physical and elemental. It will break when under 20% of total health and you’ll be screwed if you takes more hits.


Health states

For more immersion and, well, logic, we’re making some health states involving particles effects and graphical changes during the race.

When your ship takes a lot of damage, it will start smoking. Breaking the armor or the hull will send some debris and sparkles, and can sometime explode. When your health is at a critical level, your ship will take fire, move uncontrollably and then ultimately explode, and that’s game over.

I’m wondering if it’ll be cool or creepy if the pilot is sent flying when the ship explode.

Note: sorry for lack of visual for this part, since spaceships are not built in 3D, those systems are not made yet. Bear with me, you’ll se when it’s done o/



For testing purpose (concerning moslty elemental damages), I made a small test circuit including 4 biomes. Enjoy a little flybye of this puppy:

(and no, you’re not supposed to do this)


That’s it for this design post! I hope you enjoyed reading more about our game design (and/or the video).

Friendly reminder: you can join our discord for some chatting~

Again, you can follow us on twitter for more sneak peek and update on the project, and we’re still on IndieDB!


Thanks again, see you next time! <3

Update – 26 September 2016

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I’m pleased to tell you that the ingame HUD is virtually done!

(I say virtually because not every features outside the HUD are done, so some icons will need exceptions in code, but eh, it’s a matter of minutes.)


No video today, but I leave you with a tiny sneak peek of what I’m working on right now:

It's actually tied with the Health System 2.0~
It’s actually tied with the Health System 2.0~

Other than that, we’ve finished the first pass of one scenario of the campain (if you’re curious, it’s the one with the Tyranospace race we showed you some times ago), so right after I finish the Health System 2.0 and the video on it, I’ll start prototyping the campain.


Well that’s it for today, I know I’m not really active on social media but with the new stuffs we wrapped up with Yuubae, I’ll have more to show you in the future with a more sustained pace.



Thank you for visiting our blog post and see you next week!

Update – 15 August 2016

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This previous week has been a busy one.  There was a lot of design stuffs done with Yuubae and we settle a new form for the campain and the scenario: I’ll update the page for the game accordingly, tonight or in the following days. I’ll notify you on twitter!

So, what’s new this week?

There was a complete unplannified Shield update. It is now more in line with the rest of the {passive} equipments, no longer OP, and more usefull in certains conditions! More infos in the dev changelog right here.

I'm also prototyping some camera effects during those "certains conditions" where the shield is really a must-have!
I’m also prototyping some camera effects during those “certains conditions” where the shield is really a must-have!


Also, there was a (design) ingame HUD pass and I’ll start to sketch some ideas for the visuals soon.


That’s it?

Well, as it is an habit in the game development industry, we never do things according to keikaku*. I initially planned some stuffs for Alpha 2.0 and others in Alpha 3.0, but some of thoses secrets stuffs have switched to Alpha 2.0. Why? Honestly, just because I was motivated to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(*Developer’s note: Keikaku means plan.)


So expect a shiny DIALOGUE SYSTEM for Alpha 2.0!

But not gonna spoil it right now, I’ll do a design post when it’s ready~


Thanks for reading! Here’s a sneak peek of what have been done for the sake of indie developpment:

Don't forget to check my book: "What is really going on behind the curtains of Game Development", for $9.99 in your nearest book store!
Don’t forget to check my book: “What is really going on behind the curtains of Game Development”, for $999.99 in your nearest book store!