Who are we

We’re one developer, and a bunch of helping hands working on videogames. We’re currently working on Wheelless, a top-down futuristic racing game. Check it out!

Where are we

We are all in France, most of us living in Paris and its area.

What’s going on here

We’re making a game that involve racing, spaceships, super intelligent AI robots, a bunch of sexy aliens, and metal space centaur roboducks.
We’re not sure we will keep the roboducks, though.

When can I play it and what is the release date

The game is currently in eaaaaaaaarlly alpha, and no official release date has yet been announced. You can still try some of the alpha builds, but don’t expect a full polished experience. You can follow us on social medias to be notified when a new version comes out!


Right now it’s being built on Windows, with hopes of porting it to Android. Crowdfunding would help us develop the game for more platforms, such as Mac and Linux!

The alpha build is filled with bugs! And it’s not even pretty!

This is normal. Builds this early in development does not attest for the final product. It will be polished and debugged eventually.

Sadly, no one on our team is a professional artist (yet). Ony have to handle every aspects of the engine development alone aside from Level Design (which is made by Prox. And Ony).

What is this game in the home page? Is it the real game?

Absolutly not! It is a minigame made in JavaScript just for fun.

What’s this cat next to the header-menu?

It is our logo! His little name is Mirajin. Right now he only can sleep, stretch and look at stuff, but some day he will mess around and you will be able to feed him and play with him.

I’m not even joking, stay tuned for updates ~

I have another question!

If you want to know something you can send us a mail right here, or visit the forum, we’ll be glad to help you!