Wheelless – Latest builds

Disclaimer: All builds are for WINDOWS only. Everything is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

ALPHA BUILDS ARE meant only for testing/debugging and WILL CONTAIN bugs.

Please read the “ReadMe.txt” file provided with the build.


Latest build contents:

  • 7 spaceships with their own stats and look
  • 2 to 3 of each equipment
  • 1 circuit
  • Mouse, keyboard and xbox360 gamepad controls
  • First versions of menus, audio, graphics
  • not every features are in, and every features is still a work in progress

Check the development changelog for more in depth informations.


[Alpha 1.0.1 HOTFIX, may/2016] Download the zip file, or consider downloading it on itch.io, it will help us boost popularity!


[Alpha 0.9.5, may/2016] Download the zip file

[Alpha 0.9.2, march/2016] Download the zip file

[Alpha 0.8.2, feb/2016] Download the zip file

[Alpha 0.7.5, jan/2016] Download the zip file

[Alpha 0.2, dec/2015] Download the zip file



The prototype is a “playable” proof of concept. It contains almost nothing compared to the final game.

[Prototype, sept/2015] Download the zip file