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What is Wheelless?

"It's like a dating sim, but with SPACESHIPS!*" -Ony

Wheelless is an indie game made by a small team of french indies. The development started in late 2015 as a small solo project for mobile devices, and then grew in ambition as time passed by. It now features a story mode for every faction of the game, a multitude of circuits and vehicles in 3D and basically everything you should expect from a racing game!


*No dating confirmed but spaceships very much so

How does it work?


Wheelless is a top-down racing game. Think Micromachines meets F-Zero!
Along with ship physics, you can equip multitudes of offensive and defensives equipments:

  • Armors and Shields will protects you from damages
  • Stats are malleable, you can max out speed or mass!
  • Equip a turbo and go sanic speed, or the gong and clear the way!
  • And much more!

Manage your speed, torque and handle, stay in the tracks! The real challenge is keeping your ship from drifting off-road. Wheelless features tracks with long jumps, interactive scenery, and even hyperspace!

Eleven competitors race against you on alien planets, derelict factories or even in deep space!


Wheelless features a multi layered scenario splitted in six paths.
Each faction’s campaign shows their own version of the main story, of course centered around racing.

This is the twenty-ninth millena. The Milky Way suffered from three centuries of war. The authors of thoses atrocities, in guilt, created a way to resolves galactic issues by a fair but harsh competition: the Races for Glory.
Fourteen championships occurs each years in various places of the galaxy: we are at the half of the 300th year, at the Platineline, where you will compete to win the ultimate price: an uncharted star cluster in the Milky Way.

The campaign will feature a lot of different characters, dialogues, choices and even cutscenes!

Against whom I'll compete?

Factions! Six of them!
  • Unonity

    The biggest Human alliance in the Milky Way, they are the remaining of the great Human Empire, decimated by an unknown force a thousand years ago. By far the most adaptative species in the galaxy, they have earned their place by their power of persuasion.
    They compete to colonize new worlds, to strengthen their specie.

  • The Drifters

    The Drifters is an anthropomorphic species in heavy metallic armor suits. Nobody knows who they are and where they are from; they travel the galaxy on their planet-ship that defies the laws of physics.
    They need the power of the stars to travel back in time and undo their old mistakes.

  • The Privateers

    Countries, causes, laws: all those words are meaningless for the Privateers. They are the individuals that were rejected by their mother nation. Together, they form the biggest inter-species group in the Universe. Although they gathers criminals, oucasts, refugees and frontier explorers, they are, oddly, a perfectly self-managed faction.
    They seek freedom in it’s purest form: a galaxy without law.

  • The Inceptives

    The Inceptives are the oldest race in the known universe. They work as an ant-like colony; personnal characteristics, birthplace and specie determines their purpose. At their head, The Eternal Queen is known as a myth, for so few have witnessed her in the last millena.
    It is speculated that the Queen wants the galaxy for herself.

  • Tyranospaces

    It is by far the most curious species in the galaxy. Upon first contact, they were mingled with Tyranosaurus-rex in spacesuits. They were, in fact, Allosauruses.
    Behaving like posh English lords, they are sophisticated people attracted by noble sports, but total brutes when it comes to national meetings. They need new planets to colonize for their extended sports fields.

  • Droynar

    The Droynars are a specie of advanced AI robots made by an unknown biological species. They developped emotions, feelings and even beliefs; but only one goal unites them:
    the pursue of their original creator, gone billions of years ago.

When and where can I get it?

Estimated release date: 2017

Wheelless is a work in progress title. It is at this point in time in early Alpha, meaning it is not feature-complete and absolutely lack contents, is filled with bugs, not optimized at all and ultimately, barelly playable.

As for now, Ony, the main (and only) developper, is working full time on this project. Yuubae, our scenarist and designer, works part-time since he is a student.
Wheelless will be submitted on Greenlight in the future, when we will approach the Beta phase of developpment.




Current platforms: WINDOWS

Wheelless will be released to Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam (if Greenlighted). We also target a release on most systems available, including the Nintendo Switch.

Don't want to wait?


They are not optimized for public use, it is only intented for testing purposes and not to be view as a demo. We want to be as open as possible, so we will show every bit of update we make (excluding campaign for spoilers sake).
You are welcome to contribute, share your thoughts and idea! Just send us a mail, private message on twitter or comment on youtube! We will listen to your feedback and adapt to the needs of the community.


You can check the latest builds by following this link



Want to support us?

Really, the best way you can support us is by sharing. The more people getting involved in the community, the more chances our game can break through. Share the project with your friends, retweet, talk to everyone you know, every new visitor is a step forward!

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